Art and Music Games, or AMG (former Music Games International) titles may be licensed for use on multiple computers. If the software will be installed at a school, a site license is required. AMG site licenses cover installation on an unlimited number of computers at one school or site, and they are non-transferable. Site licenses include both Windows and Macintosh versions of a program when available.

Ordering by mail or FAX:

Schools or school districts requiring the issuance of purchase orders should send their purchase order to: Art and Music Games, P.O. Box 1376, Amherst, MA 01004. Purchase orders may also be sent via FAX to: (413) 825-0742. Upon receipt of your purchase order, MGI will mail you an invoice and a hard-copy site license/registration confirmation. It is important to note the name of the school where the software will be installed on the purchase order so that we may issue a site license to the correct school.

Ordering online with a credit card:

Since many schools and districts have obtained credit cards for purchasing use, we also offer secure online credit card ordering of site licenses through our and online stores. Site license credit card transactions are processed securely using the latest in encryption technology. Once your order is processed, you will see a confirmation page. We will send you a hard copy of your site license together with the software and educational materials by mail.


We hope this information answers any questions you may have about AMG site licensing. If you still have questions, please contact us at any time.